Lead Generation 

Rehab lead generation is a complex process that requires precision and expertise, if not done right it could lead to substantial financial loss to the rehab company. Every treatment center has unique lead generation requirements depending on their locations, programs, level of care, fee, budget and other factors.

A treatment center in California needs different lead generation approach than a treatment center in Kentucky or Tennessee. Similarly an outpatient rehab program’s focus will primarily be on local region whereas an inpatient rehab needs a nationwide lead generation strategy. Likewise luxury rehabs and regular rehabs have different requirements.

We also need to understand that addiction and mental health are still taboo subjects in the society and most of the people are in denial state too, this make decision making for visitors very conditional and impulsive, this provides marketer a small window for lead generation.  For Example:  People are most likely to make admission decision when they are high or experiencing the mental health disorder episode once that is over they again get into the denial state.  Here we cannot forget to consider the exorbitant cost of paid advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) for a treatment center that could easily be north of $100 for some keywords.


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While developing a lead generation strategy for our client, we keep all these factors in mind (target audience, low response rate, steep media cost) and with a decade’s experience of rehab marketing we know what it takes to generate quality leads. We focus on a client profile that will be a right fit for a treatment center. All these help us developing a lead generation strategy for each of our clients that help our clients to get high volumes of leads at the best price.


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