IOP Marketing

The single most important marketing factor for an IOP program is location because a patient is not going to travel everyday from distant places to attend your IOP program. Due to the location constraint, you need to emphasize on the local promotions for your IOP treatment program.

Here are some proven local promotion strategies:

Local SEO : Half of all google searches are local searches, people look for solutions in the nearby area for their requirements and the rehab industry is no exception to this. Most people want to continue their job or studies along with treatment. Ranking high on the local search will certainly generate good amount of leads.

Google Listing: You must have a google business page for your rehab, this is the first thing that reflects in the local search results. Higher you rank for business page better is the result for you. You have to be super responsive for all queries.

Referral Management: A detailed referral plan is a must for an IOP rehab. You need to develop connections with industry professionals like psychiatrists, hospitals, counselors, rehab centers, sober living houses, social workers and more that will help you with inbound referrals and do send them outbound referrals they will reciprocate with more inbound referrals for you.

Recognition from Local Business Communities: Affiliation from your local business communities like Chamber of Commerce, Rotarty, CVB and more, could be a big help for your local promotions. All these communities provide you huge network to promote your services and secure leads.

Networking Events:  Try to attend if not all but most of the behavioral health networking events, give a company presentation whenever there is an opportunity. This will provide you recognition in the region and also generate leads for your IOP programs.

Local Directory Listing and Patient Reviews: Make the most of local directories like Yelp, a well crafted profile with positive patient review worth every word in gold. These are great sources for local marketing and generate quality leads for your IOP program.

Email marketing, Facebook promotions, Social media groups and there are many other tools that can be used for local promotions for an IOP program. In our journey so far, we have successfully designed IOP marketing strategies for our clients that have generated thousands of leads for them.


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