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A rehab center management requires various information like admit count, bed occupancy, census for different locations, number of leads in pipeline, outreach program details, referral details and a bunch of other data handy 24×7 for better operations and decision making. CRM software stores all this information at the right place in itself and as an administrator you can provide different levels of access to the different people in your organization. This way you can manage your data in a particular manner as per your requirement and limited access to different people also protects your data from being stolen.

You can get your own customized CRM software developed as per your requirement or you can also subscribe to any cloud based software like Salesforce or ZOHO and can get that customized according to your needs. We provide both services to our clients, we develop in house CRM for our clients and also customize online CRM like Salesforce and ZOHO as per their business needs.

We have a team of CRM developers that provides you the best solutions to your functional requirements. We provide the following CRM services:


CRM Migrations

  • Seamless Migrations
  • On Premises CRM to cloud CRM
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • CRM Upgrades
  • Source Data Extractions

CRM Integrations    

  • Unified Functionality
  • Automation Software Integrations
  • Custom API Development
  • KIPU Integration
  • Enhanced Prospect Tracking

CRM Extension & Plugin Dlpmt

  • Customer Data Hub
  • Custom made for your business
  • Email Plugin Dlpmt & Customization
  • Workflow Development
  • API Extensions


We integrate various departmental tools like KIPU, CallTrackingMetrics and more with the CRM software that helps rehab centers improve their lead management and service delivery to the patients. We provide various weekly and monthly reports and dashboards (Census, ROI and more) to the rehab center leadership that help them plan their marketing and financial programs to achieve their short term as well as long term goals.


We are partnered with leading CRM companies like Salesforce, Zoho and Hubspot. We have delivered CRM solutions to many rehab centers that have met their business needs and improved their operational ability to the next level.

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