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Lead Generation

While developing a lead generation strategy for our client, we keep all factors in mind like target audience, low response rate, steep media cost, etc; and with a decade’s experience of rehab marketing, we know what it takes to generate quality leads.

Admit Conversion

From the point of contact to admission, a patient goes through various phases that range from Insurance Verification to facility check-in. Convincing a patient to get into the treatment is not a one-step process. We need to focus on all steps and optimize them to produce the desired results.

Medical Billing

We streamline the various activities of revenue cycle management that helps our clients with increasing the revenue from low paid claims, consistent follow-up with insurance companies, swift settlements, modernized and cost effective medical billing procedure.

Why Get Rehab Leads?

At the cornerstone of Get Rehab Leads lies the innate need to ensure that those seeking help or treatment find exactly the right option and treatment center to meet their needs. Whether it’s location, budget, facilities or finding the appropriate service quality, patients or customers need to be assured that they are getting the most from their treatment. On the other side, treatment centers are constantly looking for ways to reach their next customer or patient. Get Rehab Leads works with several of America’s best treatment centers to ensure that their digital presence is felt and reaching the right set of customers. In a nutshell, we help treatment centers & facilities find the next customer through our extensive and well research digital marketing campaigns. Contact us to find a plan that works for you and leave your lead generation to us!

Our Clients

Drug Abuse (US Data)

Substance Use Disorder has become an epidemic in US and its ramifications are worse than we can think of, there have been more than 70000 drug overdose deaths in US in 2017 i.e. around 200 people every day. The worst part is most of them are teenagers and young adults.

Social and economic consequences of drug abuse are unimaginable. As per recent researches there are more than 24 million people in US who have substance use problem, yet only hardly 10% of them receive treatment for their problem. 

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